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Get in touch with your dreams and aspirations.Get access to Ivory coast's largest bilingual CV Database.

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Centasource specialises in the recruitment of bilingual employees and business support profiles for local and international companies based in Ivory Coast. We saw the need to bring a turn around in the HR and recruitment sector using a platform that unleashes the creative genius inside everyone. Our objective is to strengthen our position as a privileged interlocutor and a consultancy of reference,we also seek to help bilingual citizens get acess to Jobs and develop their language skills through intensive training courses for professionals.

As a solutions company we seek to improve lives and help organizations achieve their goals within the shortest possible time with the use of recent technology.Four major services have been setup to ensure we deliver the best to all our clients. Centsource Jobs, RH Solutions , Web Designs ,Training & E-Learning. Most of our services are offered online using SAS (service as a Software)technology,and are fully equipped with the right tools and experts at your disposal to give you the best.

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Centasource values its online presence and how we influence our audience,reaching out to them and offering solution is key to business success . About 75% of our visitors always revisits which assures quality content.

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Recognized expertise in the recruitment of billingual employees ,Temporary Work, Subcontracting, Training,HR Consulting and web design. With our HR management solution, you’ll get administrative relief,enhanced communication, access to better benefits,electronic payroll system, reduced liabilities and dedicated HR support. With the backup of our experienced team, you can spend more time doing what you love – growing your business. Our cloud-based HR management (HRM) solutions are fully supported by our server, and can be accessed online by employees and managers, and standardized right across the company - all divisions, all subsidiaries, all countries. We also offer Professional bilingual training courses in areas such as Administrative english,Human Resources,Marketing,Management etc.


At CENTASOURCE our mission is to deliver specialized web-based Solutions and professional services to our clients that empowers them and provide meaningful work that leads to fuller lives, stronger organizations and richer communities.


To be recognised as an influential, innovative and efficient company that is committed to providing solutions, anticipating, meeting our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations.


  • Responsibility: The respect of our commitments made face to face with our customers.

  • Confidence: Trust is a fundamental part of the quality of relationships, It brings credibility, consistent behavior, sincere attention. It refers to our service delivery model, which works to communicate with all staff and all partners in a climate of trust.

  • Originality: Our service goes beyond the expectations of customers with constantly changinging innovations.

  • Integrity: Honesty and dedication  promote trust-based relationships,at cetasource we work hard at maintaining and developing relations built on trust.


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Specialised Recruitment

Professional Training and E-learning

Cloud based HR Solutions

Professional Web site design and hosting


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