Human Resource Information System

Track and manage each employee’s available time-off and vacation dates, and also define the prerequisites for adding an employee.At the heart of Centasource HR system is the employee information database. Our solution are in place to eliminate or reduce the need for hard-copy employee files, keeping all of the information very organized and easy to access in a virtual electronic filing cabinet. Get organised and do more.

Performance Appraisal

Paper performance appraisals can be a hassle and are somewhat limited in scope and effectiveness. When performance review and appraissal is done using Centasource HR Solutions , information regarding performance is collected on a continual basis. Managers can then tap into information directly from our system without having to dig through paperwork, and even fill out appraisal forms directly in the system.Managers can also define future training needs and provide the employee with a benchmark for objectives.

Employee self Service

Put an end to time-consuming administration and paperwork by allowing employees to access and modify information related to them. Employee self-service may allow employees to view and make changes to their information, submit time off requests, communicate with peers and HR professionals, and view schedule information.Maximize your organization’s performance. Schedule meetings and events based on the availability of teammates.Self-service portals are often accessible through any mobile device, increasing convenience and timeliness for employees and managers.

Payroll Management

Payroll systems are an important part of HR systems. Integrating Centasource solutions into your system allows your organization to keep employee data integrated with payroll data, which can be very helpful when it comes to making changes in pay, scheduling and keeping track of employee hours.Employee can be able to track their salaries and get live update and salary disboursement at the right time.

Time Management

Define time-off options for a department or an entire business unit. Determine weekends, work hours, transfer requests, and so much more.Create and assign a time-off calendar for holiday groups.A centralized summary allows the privileged users to view each employee’s available time-off and vacation dates

Leave Management

Define leave management options for a department or an entire business unit by determining weekends, number of working hours, permission to transfer leaves and many such awesome features.Determine leave calendar for holiday groups and associate them with employees individually.Centralized leaves summary of all employees enabling you to view employees leave information.

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