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A smarter Human Resources Management System

Finally! A Human Resources solution portal with the power and flexibility you deserve.Affrordable and effective.

A relaible and efficient Cloud based HR Solution that gives you the freedom to focus on growth and success.

HR transformation means taking advantage of the latest technology across all functions of HR and all parts of the organization.  HR transformation increasingly means leveraging cloud-based technology to support service delivery and customer experience.

Unlike the trandition HR model(that your organization might be using now) that focuses only on HR functions and processes our HR system fully supports  business success and increased profitability.

Our cloud-based HR management (HRM) solutions are fully supported by our server, and can be accessed online by employees and managers, and standardized right across the company — all divisions, all subsidiaries, all countries. Some organizations have moved part of the way and use a hybrid system, with some HR processes done in the cloud,have proven to increase in effectivity and transparency.

Why move to the cloud?

The African business sector continues to grow rapidly and  the model of business consistently yields to new trends of innovation and technology . Lot of procedures ,processes and models we have now will be extinct aproximately in 5-10 years.What we  have now as Human Resource Management was known as Personel management ,this is typical example of a significant change that occured.Trasformation is therefore a permamnent process.In recent times a new mix of technology and services  has evolved in the HR system that gradually taking over the present HR system.

At Centasource we offer you a chance to experience an HR tranformation that guarantees your business a better position amongst other competitors in your field and profitability.

As your business grows, your challenges multiply. With Centasource, you don’t have to face it alone.

With Centasource  Cloud Based-Services, you’ll get administrative relief, access to better benefits, reduced liabilities and dedicated HR support. With our experienced service team, you can spend more time doing what you love – growing your business.

  •  Flexibility

  •  Disaster recovery Automatic software updates

  • Capital-expenditure Free

  •  Increased collaboration

  •  Work from anywhere

  • control

  •  Security

  •  Competitiveness

  • Environmentally friendly

Why Choose Centasource

Why choose Centasource HR cloud based Solutions?

Work smarter Achieve more

Innovative HR software designed for you

A smarter approach to human resources management

Centasource HR is a comprehensive, configurable and cost-effective human resources software system for mid-sized and growing Ivorian and international companies.  Centasource HR provides everything you need to streamline and improve human resources management – and help everyone work together more productively.

Unlike other HR companies we don’t focus on HR functions but rather on your business success that is our number 1 priority.

Save Time

From automatic alerts to time-saving workflow, Centasource HR online solutions takes the pain out of HR management, and helps everyone to work smarter. Connect with your employees and Admin more faster than you can ever imagine.

Get Going Fast

Thanks to clever system design, smart set up tools and advice from our friendly service experts, you can be and running in no time at all.Setup is easy and support is 24/7.Look no further.

Secure By Design

Security is at the heart of what we do. From advanced product architecture to hosting in Africa with the world’s leading Cloud infrastructure provider. Having your data flying around the web might sound a little scary ,but don't worry we've got you covered.Our software architechture ensures data encryption,user authentication and authorisation.

Connect Globally

Built from the ground up for Ivory Coast and international businesses, Centasource’s online HR solutions come with expert translations and great global features.Help you connect and exchange data with your other bussiness outlets,partners and associates in other part of the world.

What we provide?

Temporal Work

Are you in need of temporary workers to send out on short or long-term assignments?Our sytem and solutions are well equipped to help you meet your laid out objectives and fill jobs with appropriately skilled workers.Our pricing plan is simple : One week of labour = one week wage to employee = one week cost billed to the user company. Rapid replacement in place as needed.Consistent evaluation and followup of employees to ensure quality service delivery and effectiveness.

Staff Outsourcing

There are many advantages to having Centasource handle your weekly/bi-weekly payroll processing such as increased productivity and time savings, the heightened capacity to track cost, guaranteed speed of fulfillment, and the avoidance of clerical errors and stiff penalties. The time and money you save here can be reinvested into your business.We handle small,medium and large businesses and provide full administrative support , allowing us to control the costs associated with marketing, risk management, HR services, and employee benefits.

Bulk Hiring

When it comes to hiring and managing for multiple entry-level and yet, voluminous and critical positions like customer support, ,marketers, operations executive etc., you should let our Bulk Hiring team handle that using our cloudbased recruitment system and database to deliver and meet your specified needs on time with ease .As one of the most affordable and relaible experts in Ivory Coast we can help you quickly hire multiple positions.

Some Sectors we work with

HR Cloud-based Services Feautures

The only solution you'll need for managing HR processes. Centasource offers a host of adaptable features to meet the needs of both managers and employees.



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